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November 19, 2018
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Bodysuit like outwear


Bodysuit like outwear



Finding a great pleasure in form-fitting bodysuits is the theme I would like to share with you today. Did you have a felling in which you didn’t have to worry about wearing a bra or gaping open clothes. That’s how you will fill in finding your best bodysuit which will make a change to your outwear.

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Definite best option is a lace bodysuit which covers your sensual parts for you. Another layer of soft silk which prevents awkwardness in nipple section. Its various transparency levels makes the bodysuit adorable and highly sexual for the ones that wears it and the ones which see it.

So what do I like the most about it?

  1. Don’t need to wear a bra underneath

  2. No nipple awkwardness

  3. Feel as light as feather

  4. More sexual than any other outwear

  5. It’s a total win

  6. And a definite choice of Celebrity in the past year

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The trend of leather bodysuits we can see on various Celebrity from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna and it has been a choice of many other familiar faces we see nowadays. It emphasis your body shape, your sensuality and makes you feel wanted. (Believe me it will attract a lot of shinny eyes!)

This whole trend wrapped up as expertly as one those gift-wrapped presents where “ you can’t even find the sticky tape marks to rip open” as one says about this cozy wearable. The high cut bodysuit is a sight to behold on every women which wears it.

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So forget about taking your ensemble from day to night – bodysuits will change your life in every occasion you wear it! As some lacy delicates were meant never to be seen in public, the others are designed for (decent) public exposure. Stylish bodysuits h are on the way from the shadows to the spotlight, and if you’re feeling bold, try wearing one as outerwear. From shiny charmeuse to pretty barely-there prints, bodysuits will be loving this season.


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